Daphne Patterson

Daphne fell in love with Modo while she was attending university in Edmonton. She practiced
nearly every day in order to balance out the stresses of being a student with a side job. Two
years later in 2010, she found herself in India with a bunch of smiling, happy people, completing
her Modo Yoga Teacher Training. Since early 2010 Daphne has been teaching yoga between
Victoria and Edmonton, and she even lived in Peru for a couple of years in between where she
shared her love of joyful movement with other adventurers while exploring the wonders of the

She returned to Victoria in 2014, beckoned back by our beautiful scenery and mild weather.
Daphne has continued her development as a teacher and as a human being by constantly
seeking to learn from amazing mentors like Natalie Rousseau and taking courses from the
Coaches Training Institute, among others.

She loves to watch individuals bloom into their true selves, so naturally, she studied to become
a life coach and now she runs her own coaching business when she’s not at the studio sweating
it out with all the smiley yogis in the hot room. In Daphne’s classes you will find focus, attention to breath, and detailed alignment instruction.

“Having gone through so much chronic pain due to past injuries, I came to appreciate the
benefits of proper alignment and the importance of modifications. There is always a way for the
student to practice. I do my best to give the students all the tools they need to feel like the
practice is totally accessible to them. That way, they can truly connect with their body, and feel
more present in their lives. You don’t have to be anyone but yourself, and I promise, you don’t
need to be flexible to begin. I’ll see you in the hot room!”