Supporting Local Charities

Support Local Charities
We Love Supporting Local Charities:

If you are part of a charity or know of one in need, let us know.  One class a week on our schedule, is dedicated to giving back to the community.  Email with as much information as possible to get the ball rolling.



Each semester we dedicate one class directly to charity.  It is called the Karma class, and the cost to attend is a minimum donation of $10.  All Net proceeds are given to various charities that support our local and global community.


OUR PAST: $84,981 (since opening)

Total in 2011: $1,290.00

Total in 2012: $7,768.27

Total in 2013: $9,563.19

Total in 2014: $6,808.25

Total in 2015: $2,442.29

Total in 2016: $6997.92

Total in 2017: $6616.86


Take a look at our Facebook and Instagram for up-to-date features on the specific charities and organizations we support!